merged-view-1-smallerpngrtest.pngRoam Free Bison Bites come straight from our ranch in Western Montana. We've hand-crafted each recipe for superior health and taste. We use only meat and spices, nothing else. Our bites have the most bison meat per ounce on the market. We will never add sugar or filler, quality meat doesn't need it!


Our Bison



Our animals spend their entire lives on native glasslands. We strive to raise our bison in their most natural habitat. This includes what they eat. Its simple, they only eat grass just as God intended. We use low stress handling to keep our bison happy and healthy.


 Our Land



Our ranch sits within the Flathead Reservation where one of five originating bison herds use to roam freely. An iconic bison rancher, Pablo Allard used this land to save bison from near extinction in the late 1800s. Once the land was opened for homesteading, Pablo sold his herd to Canada after being turned away by the US government. Removing bison from its native prairie has harmed much of this ecosystem. Roam Free is returning bison to the land where it all began, regenerating native grasses and preserving bison for future generations.


About Us



Jon Sepp - Founder

After an adventurous career of testing parachutes in the military, Jon couldn’t imagine having a regular 9 to 5 in the next chapter of his life. He decided to pursuit one of his first passions, bison. With virtually no experience or funding he turned his dream into reality by building a free roaming, sustainable bison ranch in Montana.  


Brittany Masters - Founder

While working part time in Seattle to support his dream, Jon met Brittany. A self-proclaimed health freak, Brittany is obsessed with food quality and natural living. It wasn’t long until Jon convinced her to quit their corporate jobs and transition to ranching full-time. Combining their passion for animal welfare and healthy eating, they decided to create a snack food that was as pure as the bison on the land. No sugar or additives needed.


Roam Free was born.