Meet your ranchers

Jon Sepp - Founder

After an adventurous career of testing parachutes in the military, Jon couldn’t imagine having a regular 9 to 5 in the next chapter of his life. He decided to pursue one of his first passions, bison. With virtually no experience or funding he turned his dream into reality by building a free roaming, sustainable bison ranch in Montana.  


Brittany Masters - Founder

While working part time in Seattle to support his dream, Jon met Brittany. A self-proclaimed health freak, Brittany is obsessed with food quality and natural living. It wasn’t long until Jon convinced her to quit their corporate jobs and transition to ranching full-time. Combining their passion for animal welfare and healthy eating, they decided to create a snack food that was as pure as the bison on the land. No sugar or additives needed.


Roam Free was born.