This is Bison Bites Country

 Welcome to Roam Free Ranch - a regenerative bison operation in Western Montana. Our Bison Bites are made right here. Now you can really know where your food comes from! And because we raise our own animals, we can ensure the integrity of our protein and the welfare of our bison.




At Roam Free Ranch, our bison eat grass their whole lives just outside our doorstep. We create an environment that mimics their native habitat and ancient grazing patterns. We call this method regenerative agriculture. This not only creates a healthier meat product but preserves native grasslands, the #1 most endangered ecosystem in North America. In the same way that bison used to be moved by wolves across the prairies, we rotate bison through fresh grass pastures over short periods. This also keeps the animals happier according to their native biological need to roam. Raising bison this way produces the most nutrient-dense protein on the planet - higher in iron, b12 and Omega 3s.





A keystone species of the American Prairie, bison are essential in protecting our ecosystem. We're on a mission to restore bison to their home in Montana, regenerate our native grasslands and offer bison products that retain their natural health properties - grass-fed and sugar free. But we're a small start-up and we can't do it without you. 98% of bison are owned by ranchers and without them, bison would go extinct. By buying Bison Bites, you're helping to create a sustainable market and it allows us to invest in growing our herd. For every bison we consume we can raise two more. 





Our ranch sits within the Flathead Reservation where one of five originating bison herds use to roam freely. An iconic bison rancher, Pablo Allard used this land to save bison from near extinction in the late 1800s. Once the land was opened for homesteading, Pablo sold his herd to Canada after being turned away by the US government. Removing bison from its native prairie has harmed much of this ecosystem. Roam Free is returning bison to the land where it all began, regenerating native grasses and preserving bison for future generations.