Pulling back the curtain on our food system

Pulling back the curtain on our food system
How does your food get to your plate? Unfortunately, most Americans can’t answer that question with a lot of confidence. Even those who actively seek the truth are overwhelmed with false advertising, misleading labels and confusing third-party certifications.
Before the industrial revolution, 65% of Americans worked in growing food for other Americans. Today, less than 1% of those in the US work as farmers or ranchers. With so few of us involved in agriculture, it is no wonder that our children don’t know that cheese comes from a cow.
The lack of access, knowledge and connection to food growers has left our nutrition in the hands of Big Food. The corporations who are incentivized to make a lot of food cheaper and faster have ultimately led to a steep decline in the nutrient density of our food, causing obesity and metabolic disease. These same choices have transformed land use, devastated eco-systems, diminished biodiversity, created unprecedented levels of pollution and caused animals to suffer unnecessarily. But there is good news. According to the Center for Food Integrity, 65% of consumers want to re-establish their connection with food growers. Chances are if you are reading this blog, you are one of them.
So we are starting “Roam on the Range” to connect you with the food you eat. As ranchers and foodies, we’re going to bring you to the frontlines of agriculture. We want this to be a conversation, like the one you would have with your best friends over a glass of wine. Send us your questions, your comments, your hopes and desires and let’s start a relationship with the land, the people and the animals you depend on to nourish your families.

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